Fake an illness for Thanksgiving? Join the club

Fake illness or an errand during Thanksgiving? Give yourself a break, so have others. Forty-eight percent of Americans say they have used a tactic to take a break from their family during the holiday. The top excuse? Not feeling well (27 percent), followed by hitting the sack early (16 percent), faking an errand (10 percent) and catching up on work (10 percent).

When asked to pick who is most likely to be the real “turkey” at their Thanksgiving dinner, the loud mouth (24 percent) tops the list – followed by the picky eater (21 percent), and the high-maintenance guest (19 percent), according to a recent survey by Wakefield Research for Travelocity.

Foodie Thanksgiving: It doesn’t look like Americans want to give up on Thanksgiving taste. Sixty-five percent of Americans would like to see a food trend incorporated into this year’s Thanksgiving feast. This includes locally-sourced ingredients (25 percent), low-carb side dishes (22 percent), a different main dish than turkey (22 percent), heavy hors d’oeuvres style (15 percent), cupcakes instead of pie for dessert (15 percent), and gluten-free food options (11 percent).