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Entertainment Top Five List – Gourmet Grill Seasonings and Rubs

Top Five List – Gourmet Grill Seasonings and Rubs

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It’s officially grilling season. The prime sizzling summer holidays are just around the corner. It’s time to dust off your magic dust and stock up on the necessary rubs and seasonings to put your grill to good use, in impress the neighbors with your know-how.

Here are few never-fail, local concoctions for everything from grilled vegetables and briskets. All are sure to make you the backyard grill master that you always knew you could be. And, best yet they are each locally produced and locally procured.

Angelo’s Bar-B-Que − Gourmet Seasoning

In 1958, Angelo George created a dry rub with a unique mix of herbs and spices that gave the meat at his legendary “Angelo’s Bar-b-que” restaurant a special, one-of-a-kind flavor. Today his son, Skeet George, and grandson, Jason George, continue the tradition with a variety of savory seasonings perfect for virtually any meat or vegetable. Their all-round gourmet seasoning blend goes on anything. Gourmet chefs and weekend grillers will love this flavor enhancer when sprinkled on virtually any meat or vegetable. Available at Academy Sports or online www.angelosbbq.com.

Chef Jon Bonnell − Red Dirt Rub

Ever wonder what gives many of Chef Jon Bonnell’s dishes − like his famous Pecan Crusted Texas Redfish −their zing? He turns to his own blend which he calls Red Dirt Rub. Once you try it, you will see the striking resemblance to many Texas dirt roads. “This is my favorite seasoning blend to use on steaks or chops cooked over a wood-burning grill. It blends a little Mexican flavor with a complex Southwestern backbone.” says Bonnell. Available at Bonnell’s, Waters or online at www.bonnellsrestaurantgroup.com.

Grease Monkey Rubs – Commander in Beef Rub

This rub was actually the genesis of all the Grease Monkey Rubs. It was at a steak competition in 2011 where the idea was born, after the team took home first place. The ingredients are complex. They combine two different peppers, chili and chipotle, in this rub to help balance the heat. It starts great, progresses through the flavor bouquet, and ends with a subtle heat and a great sensation on your lips. Available at Roy Popes, Kent & Co. Wines or online www.gmrubs.com.

Chef Tim Love − Bad Ass Rub

This staple seasoning blend in all Chef Tim Love cooking is great for any protein. It not only packs a punch, it is also balanced by noticeable herbs to enhance most any meat. Bad Ass Rub is a smoky and spicy blend of guajillo chile, rosemary, cumin, and thyme. It is an essential item for anyone serious about grilling big, bold flavors. Available at www.lovebodega.com.

Jess Hall’s – Serendipity Brisket Rub

This blend of salt, dehydrated onion and garlic, sugar, spices, paprika, chili, corn starch, and turmeric does not contain MSG. Simply dampen your brisket with soy sauce or olive oil, then apply Jess Hall’s Brisket Rub on all sides. Grill, barbecue or roast according to your favorite recipe for great results. Available on Amazon or www.jesshall.com.

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