Fort Worth Opera meets fundraising goal; expands donor base

Not a political opera: Casey Finnigan as Nikita Krushchev, center, and Matthew Worth as JFK, in white T-shirt, center right, in a dream sequence from the new opera "JFK" at the Fort Worth Opera. CREDIT: Karen Almond.

Fort Worth Opera announced Tuesday it has successfully completed its 90-day, million dollar gift match challenge.

The opera company said it exceeded its goal of $500,000.

“A wider base of contributed support is crucial to maintaining a fiscally stable organization,” said Mark Saville, Fort Worth Opera director of development. “It not only demonstrates your community impact by the individuals who annually dedicate their philanthropy to you, but it also allows Fort worth Opera to introduce a new group of passionate performing arts supporters to the inner workings of the organization.”

Aside from meeting the financial goals of the campaign, Fort Worth Opera was able to add to its donor base, reaching many first-time contributors.

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“Million Dollar Summer was strategically important in doubling our donor base in just 90 days, and we could not be more grateful than to all those who decided we were well worth their investment,” Saville said.

The campaign also included a social media component. Each individual was given the opportunity to personalize the statement, “I support Fort worth Opera because…” Messages ranged from “They introduce Fort worth to the world,” “The arts unite and create stronger communities,” and “Art = Vitality.”