Fort Worth Symphony, musicians reach agreement

The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra and its musicians reached an agreement on Jan. 29 on a temporary, one-year deal, staving off the threat of a strike.

Symphony musicians released this statement: “Withdrawing their threat to impose pay cuts of 8.7 percent last Monday, management has agreed to immediately return to bargaining a new agreement and maintain 2014-15 wages and working conditions through July 31, 2016.”

Following seven months of negotiations on a new contract, musicians for the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra had voted to authorize a strike.

Earlier, the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra Association said it submitted its final offer, but said there was a $4 million gap between the two parties.

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The FWSOA said its final offer will be implemented on Jan. 25. The offer includes an 8.4 percent decrease in compensation to musicians. The union said that would take salaries down to 2003 levels.

The concessions requested by the FWSOA come primarily from a reduction in paid vacation – from 42 days to 28 days, according to the group. The FWSOA was not proposing a reduction in concerts for the public.