George Clooney calls Trump’s quip on Kurds ‘pretty shocking’

HELSINKI (AP) — George Clooney says he was appalled U.S. President Donald Trump partly justified the decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria by stating Kurds “didn’t help us with Normandy” during World War II.

The politically active Hollywood actor, director and producer told a business seminar in Finland’s capital on Thursday that he found Trump’s words from a day earlier “a pretty shocking statement.”

Clooney accused Washington of leaving the allies of U.S. forces in Syria to deal alone with Turkey’s military offensive.

He said: “I’m horrified at the idea we would say that after having Kurds fight our battle for us – because we don’t want to send troops there – and then say, ‘OK, you’re on your own.'”

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Clooney was interviewed at the Nordic Business Forum in Helsinki.