Get Geared Up for Fishing Season

Get Geared Up for Fishing Season

(StatePoint) Whether you’re a serious angler or you only dabble with the sport, the right gear can make your next fishing trip a success.

Here are some tools and accessories to consider bringing along with you on all your expeditions this season:

• Space Savers: If you’re on a small watercraft or expecting a bit of a hike from your vehicle to the perfect fishing spot, you can save space and lighten your load with a folding cooler chair. This lightweight piece of gear double functions as a place to store lunch and keep drinks cool, while offering you a comfortable place to sit. Many online retailers will also personalize this item for you with your name, initials or favorite fishing saying.

• Wearable Tech: Wearable tech can help you make sound judgments about where and when to fish. Among its many outdoor features, the durable, water-resistant Pro Trek Smart WSD-F30 watch comes with Fishbrain, the world’s largest community-based fishing app, which allows you to join other anglers in the area and contribute to the world’s smartest local fishing forecasts. With it, you can record where you caught fish on the map, which is helpful when you want to efficiently search for fishing spots in the future, estimate fish movements based on tide data, receive notifications on the best time to go fishing and confirm and share your fishing results. The timepiece also includes MyRadar, a real-time weather app that can help you better plan your trip.

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• Functional Bling: Always searching for a knife or scissors when it comes time to cut fishing line? Tired of using your teeth? Quick, safe and efficient, a Line Cutterz Ring is a slick alternative. Worn on your finger so it can’t be misplaced, they come in different designs and colors to suit your personal style. Adjustable to fit most fingers, they are engineered to keep you safe from the blade.

Whether you’re catching your next trophy or tonight’s dinner, new gear can keep you comfortable, safe and successful on your next fishing expedition.

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