Get new wellness extras from Medicare Advantage in Texas

Get new wellness extras from Medicare Advantage in Texas

(BPT) – Did you know that you can get coverage for more than just visits to your doctor through Medicare Advantage plans?

Today’s Amerigroup plans offer much more than just helping to pay your medical bills. In Texas, Medicare Advantage members enrolled in certain plans have access to wellness, social and support services that will help them lead healthier lives. During the Medicare Annual Election Period, which began October 15, 2019 and runs through December 7, 2019, Medicare­-eligible individuals can enroll in an Amerigroup Medicare Advantage plan that offers these new benefits starting in 2020. From alternative medicine options to health-related transportation, these wellness, social and support services can help eliminate obstacles to improve your health.

Members who are enrolled in select 2020 Medicare Advantage plans that offer Everyday Extras will be able to select one of the 10 services listed below, at no extra cost.

  • Healthy Nutrition: Based on qualifying clinical criteria, members will have access to 8 sessions per year with a dietitian who can provide nutritional education support as well as a monthly delivery of non-perishable pantry staples, to help make dietary changes.
  • Pest Control: Take advantage of quarterly preventive treatments to regulate or eliminate the intrusion of household pests that may impact chronic conditions such as allergies, or asthma.
  • Health and Fitness Tracker: The member is provided with a fitness tracker device, as well as membership in programs to promote improved physical and mental fitness.
  • Service Dog Support: Up to $500 annual allowance will be provided to help pay for items used to care for a member’s service dog, such as leashes and vests. The dog must meet the requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act, which will require certification/sign off by their healthcare provider.
  • Healthy Food Deliveries: Up to 16 delivered meals will be provided four times each calendar year (64 total) to support members who are either discharged from an overnight stay at a hospital, have a Body Mass Index (BMI) that is more than 25 or less than 18, or who have an A1C level more than 9.0.
  • Transportation: Members may use up to 60 one-way trips per year to health-­related appointments, or to obtain a service covered by the health plan.
  • Personal Home Helper: Members can receive up to 124 hours of help from an in­-home personal care aide, for assistance with activities of daily living such as dressing, grooming, and bathing.
  • Assistive Devices: Up to a $500 allowance will be provided for the purchase of safety devices, such as ADA compliant toilet seats, shower stools, hand­held showerheads and reaching devices.
  • Adult Day Center Visits: For older adults who need supervision and assistance, coverage includes up to 1 visit per week for adult day center services.
  • Alternative Medicine: Up to 24 acupuncture and/or therapeutic massage visits will be covered each calendar year.

If you’re interested in enrolling in an Amerigroup Medicare Advantage plan, or want to learn more about the Everyday Extras and other coverage benefits, visit

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