Hip Pocket Theatre: Seven Sinatra Veronicas continues and rest of the 43rd season

Season artwork by Johnny Simons.

Play 1: June 7 – June 30 @9 PM (12 performances – World Premiere)

Seven Sinatra Veronicas

Written and Directed by Johnny Simons

A pantomimic morality play wherein Old Blue Eyes sings “My Way” but soon succumbs to “Her Way”.

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Play 2: July 12 – August 4 @9 PM (12 performances – World Premiere)

Arcadia Darling

Adapted by Lake Simons and John Dyer with original music score by John Dyer. Directed by Lake Simons.

An unfolding of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, drawn deeper still from the mythic Pan of Arcadia. Featuring puppetry and live music.

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Play 3: – August 9 – August 11 @9 PM (3 performances – World Premiere)

Love Letters to a Raven

By Lorca and Lake Simons

A revealing tale of the feet, the hips, the head, the hands and the breath. A workshop performance of ritual theatre by Lorca Simons and directed by Lake Simons.

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Hip Pocket Theatre | 1950 Silver Creek Road, Fort Worth, TX 76108


Play 4: August 23 – September 15 @9 PM (12 performances – World Premiere)

Baby Snooks and Daddy

Adapted and Directed by JoAnn Gracey

Here, for the first time on the Hip Pocket stage – Snooks! – an arrangement of scripts from radio’s golden age. Featuring Baby Snooks, the beloved character created by Fanny Brice, famous performer in the Zigfield Follies – a child who loves to torment her Daddy. With musical interludes by some of the greatest talents of the airwaves.

Play 5: September 27 – October 20 @8:15 PM (12 performances – World Premiere)

The Monkey Wrench Gang

Adapted and Directed by Johnny Simons

Abby’s comic masterpiece involving four eco-warriors hell-bent on saving the wilderness from “progress”. Keep it like it was, Damnit!

Hip Film Fest: October 25 – 27 @8:15 PM

October 25: Riders of the Purple Sage (1985)*

October 26: A Saga of Billy the Kid (1992)*

October 27: Underneath the Top Down (A Cowtown Brigadoon) (1984)*