Hot dog! It’s the Fourth of July

Americans came out – or stayed home in many cases – to celebrate freedom on what few would argue is the weirdest year in the 21st century. Hey, remember those crazy people who hoarded bottled water at the turn of the century? They were just two decades early.

Fort Worth’s Curly’s, Bourke Harvey

They also came out to get some free hot dogs, courtesy of Fort Worth’s Curly’s, where Bourke Harvey gave away 300 free Nathan’s Famous hot dogs.

Hot dog at Curly’s

Usually, Curly’s holds an annual “chomp-etition” where people try their luck downing a few of Nathan’s famous hot dogs. But this year? Well, of course things are a little different this year. Cars lined up down Camp Bowie to grab some of the tasty treats at a price that celebrated freedom, as in free hot dogs.