Inspiring Men to Do Good this Father’s Day

Inspiring Men to Do Good this Father’s Day

(StatePoint) With so many negative messages about masculinity floating around these days, some say it’s important to spend some time focusing on the positive. Doing so can help give men the confidence they need to be their best selves.

In fact, 91 percent of men agree that it takes more confidence to be a “good guy” than it does to be a typical alpha male, according to research from Men’s Wearhouse.

In honor of Father’s Day, Men’s Wearhouse is on a mission to encourage more men to be good on the inside and out. As part of its “Good on You” campaign, they are highlighting the good works of dads and gentlemen everywhere who have gone above and beyond to show they care about something that makes the world a little bit better.

“We believe that good guys everywhere are ready to stand up and be their best selves,” says Tank Sinatra, who after getting sober at 22, decided to surround himself with only positive things. Involved with the nonprofit organizations, Hope House and Bring Change to Mind, he is a social media influencer and founder of Tank’s Good News, which shares only positive news stories.

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Already committed to identifying, spreading and celebrating acts of good, Sinatra is now serving as the facilitator of the Good On You Initiative and, in this role, is sharing an inspiring story of a man making the world a little bit better in his own backyard:

In 2016, Rodney Smith founded a lawn care nonprofit, Raising Men Lawn Care Service, in his hometown of Huntsville, Alabama. Raising Men Lawn Care Service helps young men give back to their communities by mowing lawns or doing yard work — free of charge — for veterans, the elderly, the disabled and single mothers. Smith sought to establish a program that inspires young men to learn and understand their value in society, and acts as a true father figure to many young boys throughout the country. While founded originally in Alabama, the organization now has a presence in almost all 50 states.

To honor Smith’s work, Men’s Wearhouse will be donating $10,000 to his organization as a “thank you” for all that he’s doing to help his community. He will also receive a custom-made jacket and lapel pin, as the brand believes that being your best self, and looking and feeling your best, go hand-in-hand.  

To learn more about the campaign, which will honor men throughout the year, as well as to get ideas for Father’s Day gifts that honor the men in your life, visit

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“From activism to fatherhood, moments of good come in all shapes and sizes,” says Sinatra.