It’s National Taco day!

Taco Bell celebrates National Taco Day holiday with $5 Gift Set in the U.S. and unique global offerings to get fans in the festive spirit.

It’s National Taco Day and some places are getting poetic about it:

“’Twas the week of National Taco Day, and all through the Bell, team members prepared tasty gift sets with shells. Because on that special day, October the 4th, our Season of Giving begins, from that moment, henceforth. So, what does that mean? Well, we’re so glad you asked. Allow us to explain, we’ll make it real fast.” Come courtesy of Taco Bell of course.

At Fort Worth-based Fuzzy’s, they will have select tacos for $1 when you dine in the store.

On the Border will celebrate too with the world’s largest Mexican casual dining brand offering Endless Tacos starting at $8.99, and for $2 more, guests can upgrade to Southwest Chicken or Brisket Tacos.

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Taco Bueno will offer 49-cent tacos.

The National Taco Day Gift Set is back at Taco Bell, offering four tacos of the iconic variety: two crunchy and two DLT versions.