Jubilee Theatre offers virtual art education

Classic comedy-tragedy theater masks

Jubilee Theatre is offering an arts education program with the company’s Virtual Storytelling and Puppet Theatre Camp  beginning Aug. 3.
The cross-disciplinary camp is a one-week learning opportunity for children in grades first through sixth, the theatre said.

Students will be exposed to two literary works, complete two arts and crafts projects and will be encouraged to perform in the student showcase at the end of the week.
They will perform scenes from the books with puppets and display their arts projects as well as express an individualized work based on the past week’s teachings; this piece could be a song, a poem, a drawing, or a 30-second kinetic piece.
This summer multi-disciplinary workshop is designed to reinforce the fun in literature as well as enhance STEAM learning.

“We want the students to get excited about reading. With the camp actively engaging them on multiple levels, they will come out with a new love of reading and theatre. Other important skills taught by this program include listening, giving and receiving feedback, and working within a group. This program touches upon all the learning audibles needed for lifelong success,” said Artistic Director D. Wambui Richardson.
There are three levels to choose among by age group. Registration is $95 per student enrolled.
Space is limited.
The program reading list:
¬– 1st & 2nd Grade: The Ebony Duckling & Those Shoes
– 3rd & 4th Grade: Fearless Mary & Seven Spools of Thread
– 5th & 6th Grade: The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind & After The Fall
To sign up:

Box Office Phone – jubileetheatre.orgJubilee Theatre proudly announces a long-awaited return of its Arts Education program with their Virtual Storytelling and Puppet Theatre Camp.www.jubileetheatre.org