Kidnapping, World Cultures, Murder, And Explosions—Mysteries Of Four Kind


“The Tower of Songs” by Casey Barrett (Kensington)

(NAPSI)—As P.I. Duck Darley navigates one of his most difficult tasks to date—the road to sobriety—he is tested with a complex missing person’s case in New York City. Duck can empathize with sarcastic teen Layla Soto, whose damaged family life is similar to his own. When Layla sees two women abduct her billionaire father, she immediately suspects her status-seeking grandmother.

Duck takes the case and finds himself reunited with Cass Kimball, partner in his previous escapade, which sweetens the deal. The two find themselves involved in a tangled ransom and are swept into a whirlwind of chaos with New York’s most dangerous drug criminals. Purchase at

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“The Perfect Culture” by Brent Robins (Cicero Publishing LLC)

Rich with witty satire and introspective reflection, protagonist Thomas Gephardt teaches readers what it’s like to visit all walks of life through his eyes.

Growing up in rural Indiana inspires Thomas to leave the comforts of home and travel around the globe to dive into as many new experiences as possible. He begins in Bordeaux where he stays with a French family and works at a hotel, but his travels soon take him to Paris, Japan and Israel. When Thomas meets Sendi, he becomes less motivated to leave romantic Paris, but continues on his soul search and keeps in touch with her. In addition to various world cultures, Thomas learns the answers to bigger questions about history and humanity along the way. Purchase at

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“Once a Liar” by A.F. Brady (Park Row)

Ruthless attorney Peter Caine may seem attractively captivating at first, but he is cold-blooded and unapologetic when it comes to acquitting some of the most twisted criminals in Manhattan. Daughter of the District Attorney, Charlie Doyle, has just been murdered. As she was a former flame of Peter’s, he becomes the prime suspect. The DA makes it his mission to destroy Peter’s life and career, and several ghosts of Peter’s past return to haunt him in his desperate attempts to prove his innocence.

All that’s certain is Charlie Doyle’s death is much darker and more malevolent than anyone could have predicted. Purchase at

“The Second Law” by L.A. Starks (Nemaha Ridge Publishing Group)

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A San Francisco company refinery comes under attack—an explosion and the deaths of several workers. A company lease bidding manager is killed in New Orleans, the seeming motive the theft of his computer containing secret offshore bid plans. While executive Lynn Dayton investigates, her longtime mentor is gunned down in front of her.

What terrible plan lies behind these crimes? Lynn races to uncover a complex plot that stretches from murder in Vienna to a natural gas terminal attack in the Baltic to a major Caribbean oil installation off U.S. shores. And what of a high-stakes takeover bid by a mysterious group called the Second Law? Unless Lynn can piece things together, thousands more are scheduled to die. Purchase at

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