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Write More Letters to Friends and Family

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(StatePoint) In an age of instant messages, video chats and social media, the art of letter writing has become rare. But sitting down to write correspondence by hand can be a much more personal way to connect than some of the modern modes of communication. Not only does it give you ample opportunity to express yourself, it gives your recipient something tangible to hold onto and revisit.

International Correspondence Writing Month (InCoWriMo), celebrated in February, is the perfect opportunity to hone your letter-writing skills. This month-long challenge invites you to hand-write and mail or deliver one letter, card, note or postcard every day of the month.

If it’s been some time since you last corresponded by snail mail, you may find your letter-writing skills to be a bit rusty. To help you be successful during InCoWriMo and beyond, the experts at Pilot Pen are offering some tips:

1. Make Lasting Connections. Writing and mailing letters daily may feel a bit intimidating, but why should it? Did you text someone today? Did you send an email? If the answer is yes, you’re already halfway there. Put pen to paper instead and add a more personal, analog touch to your daily communication. Reconnect with long distance friends, send happy mail to your parents, or explore the opportunity to encourage a soldier overseas and make a new friend in the process. Whoever you choose to write to this process, it will help create a physical reminder of the connection between you and your recipient.

2. Pick Great Tools. A trusty pen can get you through any deadline, to-do list or thank you note. Wielding this powerful tool will automatically help you feel capable of taking on new challenges. During the month of February, Pilot Pen suggests picking up a pen designed to help you author your best correspondence, as well as overachieve in every aspect of your life. With G2, America’s number one selling, longest-lasting gel ink pen, you’ll be able to glide through all 29 days of handwritten letters, and anything else that comes across your desk, for months to come.

3. Get Inspired. Not sure where to start? Think of each recipient and what makes them special to you. Share favorite memories or accomplishments that make you extra proud of them. Then, share one anecdote or piece of news from your life. In our increasingly digital lives, your unique hand-written sentiments will likely bring a welcome bit of cheer into their day.

4. Get Personal. Remember: the written word is powerful, especially when it’s personal. Give each note a special touch by writing it on monogrammed stationery or a special postcard. You can take this personalization concept one step further by using different pens for each recipient. With four pen point sizes ranging from ultra-fine to bold and more than 25 ink color options, including pastels, and metallics, there’s sure to be a G2 pen suited to your writing style and your recipient’s tastes.

For tools and inspiration, visit powertothepen.com and instagram.com/pilotpenusa.

By rediscovering the art of handwritten correspondence this February, you’ll give yourself 29 meaningful chances to connect with pen pals all over the globe.


Photo Credit: (c) Lindsey Bugbee

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