Minneapolis native – now in Texas – recalls watching Mary Tyler Moore promo

Mary Tyler Moore statue, which has been beloved by tourists and locals since it first arrived on Nicollet Mall in 2001. It captures the iconic moment Mary throws her tam in the air during the opening credits. The statue, formerly located at Nicollet and 7th Street, moved into the visitor center during the reconstruction of Nicollet.

DALLAS (AP) — A Minnesota native now living in Texas has fondly recalled standing in downtown Minneapolis to watch Mary Tyler Moore shoot an iconic intro for her TV show.

Martha Rogers of Dallas on Thursday said she was 10 years old in 1970 when she and her mother learned of the Moore promotion and decided to check it out.

Rogers, who grew up in southwest Minneapolis, says they hopped a bus to downtown where “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” was set. The intro shows Moore throwing her tam into the air.

Rogers says it was a very cold day as she and her mom stood across the street and watched Moore do multiple takes. Rogers says it was fun and that “Mary Tyler Moore was darling.”

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Moore died Wednesday at age 80.