Near Southside launches fund to assist retailers in district

Foam makes liquid more stable. That’s why black coffee is more likely to spill than a latte.  

The Southside Culinary Arts Retail Entertainment and Service Fund

Near Southside Inc. is launching a fund to assist retailers within the district that have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.
“While many still await relief from PPP, EIDL, unemployment, or a simple return to work, their need for essential purchases and the payment of monthly bills continues to apply financial pressure. That is why we are offering $250 relief grants to members of our community who need it most,” Near Southside Inc. said in a message to “members, partners and friends.”
The Southside Culinary Arts Retail Entertainment and Service Fund opened April 23, thanks to a lead gift from Marilyn and Marty Englander, owners of Kent & Co on Magnolia Avenue., Near Southside said.
“We are good at coming together for a cause. But in times like these, we need to do more than unite with each other.  We must unite for each other,” the message said.
The Englanders have pledged to match, dollar-for-dollar, every donation made to the fund up to $10,000.
With many of our district’s retailers, restaurants, bars, breweries, entertainment venues, and events closed or operating at reduced capacity, Near Southside creatives and service industry employees are experiencing significant financial hardship.
“These important professionals have served on the front lines of the Near Southside’s revitalization as the friendly faces of our most beloved businesses and experiences. So much of our culture and prosperity has been made possible by their everyday contributions,” Near Southside said. “The fund is only as strong as the generosity of our community.”
To donate: use the PayPal mobile app @southsidecares or at
– FWBP Staff