On ‘SNL,’ Trump gets a visit from the ghost of election past: a shirtless Vladimir Putin

“Saturday Night Live” has a Christmas metaphor for Russia’s alleged role in trying to elect Donald Trump president, and it involves Vladimir Putin, shirtless (naturally), sliding down a chimney.

Alec Baldwin-as-Trump was paid a visit by Putin on “SNL’s” cold open this weekend, and he was embarrassed that he was unprepared.

“I didn’t know you were coming, so I do not have a gift for you,” Trump says.

“Please, Mr. Trump, you are the gift,” Putin assures him.

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The two also discuss the CIA’s conclusion – which The Washington Post reported Friday that the FBI now joins in – that Russia’s goal was to help elect Trump. Trump has said that he’s not even sure Russia was behind the hacking of Democratic campaign and committee emails.

“So, you trust me more than American CIA?” Putin says.

“All I know is I won,” Trump says.

“Wooooowwww,” Putin responds incredulously. “This guy is blowing my mind.”

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The sketch was basically one big sendup of the idea that Trump is Putin’s stooge, uninterested in actually being president and unprepared to deal with the job at hand or people like Putin.

“We think you are the best candidate,” the Russian leader says.

Trump: “Sure.”

Putin: “The smartest candidate.”

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Trump: “No doubt.”

Putin: “The Manchurian candidate.”

Trump: “I don’t know what that means, but it sounds tremendous.”

The sketch also features a late cameo by John Goodman, who plays secretary of state nominee Rex Tillerson, whose ties to Putin have set off alarm bells even among some Republicans. We won’t spoil that part, but rest assured, he and Putin are pretty chummy.

And later in the show, Kate McKinnon-as-Hillary Clinton shows up “Love Actually”-style to try to convince a Trump elector not to vote for him when the electoral college meets Monday.