On-Trend Ideas for Updating Your Home Exterior

On-Trend Ideas for Updating Your Home Exterior

(StatePoint) If it’s time to upgrade your home exterior, you may need some guidance, particularly if you want to make on-trend choices that will instantly boost your curb appeal.

Bear in mind that many younger, trend-setting homeowners are gravitating toward the natural, earthy look, and they are achieving this with manufactured stone. As you make your own upgrade, consider the following:

Prioritize Authenticity

Not all manufactured stone is of equal quality. Do a close inspection to ensure the products you select are molded and colored to look and feel like natural stone.

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Select Your Cut 

Choices abound when it comes to the cut of manufactured stone veneer. However, linear shapes that provide a sense of calm and order are very popular right now, making profiles such as the Chisel Cut offered by ProVia a smart move for staying on-trend. The natural texture complements the chiseled form, and looks great grouted or dry stacked.

Be Serene 

Gray is in right now, and this is likely due to its low-key aesthetic. Likewise, any color on the gray-scale will add instant appeal, including black and white.

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Choose Your Grout 

You can add a lot of design drama with the right choice of grout color. Heres a simple guide to help you choose:

• For an understated, elegant look, match the grout color with the dominant color shadings in the manufactured stone. This is a subtle-but-sophisticated choice.

• To bring bold drama to the home, choose a grout color that’s the exact opposite of the stone color. With light stone, use dark grout, and with dark stone use light grout. The effect is eye-popping, and shows off the shapes and textures of the manufactured stone.

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• Blend both approaches above to reflect an array of earthy colors. Choose a grout color that matches one of the shades found in the stone. It will naturally contrast with the other shades.

• For a pulled-together look, weave a matching color choice throughout the various home exterior elements — siding, garage door, front entry door, roofing, etc. — to reflect a designer aesthetic and provide instant curb appeal. Just like a well-coordinated suit, shirt and tie, this look projects confidence.


The decisions you make regarding your home exterior are important, so do a bit of homework first before committing. Free online tools and resources can help you pick colors, cuts and other important features, by allowing you to get a better sense of how they will look on your home. Visit provia.com/grout-visualizer to access ProVia’s Grout Visualizer, a handy tool that allows you to mix and match stone and styles with grout options.

The exterior of your home makes a statement. Make sure it’s making the right one. Select elements that suit your personality while also staying on-trend.