Outdoor Enthusiasts: Are You Ready for the Next Season?

Outdoor Enthusiasts: Are You Ready for the Next Season?

(StatePoint) As outdoor enthusiasts know, there are important preparations to make for extreme weather conditions. However, having gear that easily transitions between seasons means that you will always be organized and equipped to hit the road for an adventure whenever the mood strikes.

Are you an all-season adventurer? Here are some things to keep in mind:

• Getting there: If you’re going to be taking a lengthy road trip to your destination, it’s time to ensure your vehicle is equipped to handle the conditions you expect to encounter, as well as the distance of your journey. Before hitting the road, check the condition of your tires, brakes, wipers, lights, oil and coolant, and pack the car with plenty of food and water.  

• Wearable tech: Whether you’re cold-weather camping or white-water rafting, all-condition wearable tech can help you make the most of the experience. One example offering such seasonal versatility is the Casio Pro Trek PRG650Y-1, which has Triple Sensor Technology — a magnetic sensor for compass readings, pressure sensor for altitude/barometric readings and a thermo sensor for temperature. Water-resistant up to 100 meters and offering exceptional viewability in the dark, its Tough Solar Power feature allows its battery to be charged automatically by both natural and artificial light.

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• The right tent: For maximum comfort and minimal bulk, many experts recommend campers select a tent designed for spring, summer and fall. This will offer you rain resistance and better ventilation in warmer weather. In the event you are camping in snowfall, the use of an extra cover can protect your tent from accumulation.

• First aid: The change of seasons is a great reminder to review your first aid kid and restock anything in short supply, particularly items you may not have needed as much in previous months. As the mercury rises, check on your store of such items as sting and bite relief creams and aloe.

As you prepare for your upcoming adventures, take stock of your gear to ensure you are well equipped for the months ahead.


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