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Patriot or eagle? Fort Worth Zoo’s crocodile to pick dinner – uh, winner – of Super Bowl LII

Yes you read it right folks, Salty the crocodile is back at it again to choose the winner of Super Bowl LII. What do you think, can the Fort Worth Zoo snap its three-year slump of incorrectly predicting Super Bowl winners?

Well, 16-foot-long, 1,600-pound Salty sure thinks so!

According to the Fort Worth Zoo’s news release, the long snapper will make his Super Bowl LII selection by choosing from two whole, raw chickens suspended in the air above his exhibit, each branded with the respective teams’ logos. Whichever team’s chicken Salty snaps and swallows whole will be his official selection.

The choice will be made at 11 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 1.

Placing novel objects in an animal’s exhibit is one of the ways the zoo aims to enhance animals’ environments and promote psychological well-being. According to the zoo, feedings that inspire movement, such as Salty’s jump to chomp the chicken, can also improve the physical health of the animals by providing an exercise opportunity.

From elephants to meerkats, the Fort Worth Zoo’s animals have been predicting Super Bowl winners since 1998.

“In the last five years, the Zoo’s animals have incorrectly selected the winning team four out of five times,” the release stated. “So, prognosticating may not be our strong suit – but we’ve got a great personality!”

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