Questions Of Humanity—And Intrigue—Explored In Four Stimulating Works


“Rival’s Break” by Carla Neggers (MIRA)

(NAPSI)—FBI agents Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan are enjoying a day off on the tranquil coast of Maine when danger finds them. Colin’s brother, a marine patrol officer, hears of suspected food poisoning aboard a yacht not far from them, so Colin and Emma join the patrol.

When they discover one of the victims is an undercover British intelligence officer, they realize they are dealing with something greater and more calculated than they anticipated. The theft of a priceless painting by a friend of Emma and Colin’s, prominent Irish artist Aoife O’Byrne, adds to the severity of the case as well as the detective couple’s personal connection to it. Together with their Boston-based FBI team, they work to track down the culprit before any more destruction ensues. Buy at

“Ditch the Act” by Leonard Kim and Ryan Foland (McGraw-Hill Education)

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With all the picture-perfect resumes and wildly impressive, though exaggerated, personal stories flaunted in the professional world, the competition is daunting for most professionals trying to get ahead. Kim and Foland divulge the truth about gaining success: The most effective way to be impressive is to practice being human.

Admitting flaws and setbacks in personal stories actually makes one appear honest and self-confident. Imperfections are what make us human, and embracing them cultivates authenticity and leads to greater success. “Ditch the Act” reveals how careers, businesses, and relationships built on stronger connections of honesty and humility are more rewarding and more enduring than those achieved with polished personae. Buy at

“Merged” by Jim and Stephanie Kroepfl (Month9Books LLC)

A thrilling tale of science, control and identity, “Merged” depicts a society where the seven most gifted youths are chosen to become Nobels. Nobels are those who will have genius Mentor minds implanted into theirs in an effort to further human consciousness and intelligence. Science has advanced enough for the creation of this evolved form of living—Merged Consciousness—but teenager Lake finds she has trouble merging with her Mentor.

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Lake, Nobel for Chemistry, and Orfyn, Nobel for Art, uncover dark secrets about the origins of the Mentor program and are determined to answer questions about what its motivations are before they lose their sense of self. Buy at

“Love, Faith and a Pair of Pants” by Herb Freed (Bellrock Press)

Ben Zelig thinks he has his life all figured out. Graduate from rabbinical school. Get hired by a spiritually enriched community. Meet a nice Jewish girl and start a family. Naturally, nothing goes according to plan.

With humor and pathos, Herb Freed is back with five short stories about the smart, witty and spiritual Rabbi Ben Zelig, who navigates romance, family ties, colorful congregants and the meaning of faith. We follow him in an uplifting examination of what it means to be human. Buy at

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clicktotweet “Questions of humanity—and intrigue—are explored in: “Rival’s Break” by Carla Neggers; “Ditch the Act” by Leonard Kim and Ryan Foland; “Merged” by Jim and Stephanie Kroepfl; and “Love, Faith and a Pair of Pants” by Herb Freed, available  from BookTrib.

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