Restore and look good: What to pack for your winter getaway

Restore and look good: What to pack for your winter getaway

(BPT) – It’s officially that time of year when everyone is stressed out, exhausted and overall in desperate need of some R&R. Whether your idea of restoration involves tearing up the ski slopes or drinking wine by a roaring fireplace, now is the time to prep and plan your exciting winter getaway! Where you go is ultimately up to you, but we’re here to help with your packing list.

Preparation is key, because packing is stressful — especially during the chaotic holiday season. Packing in advance and consolidating your luggage will make for a more enjoyable (and relaxing) travel experience.

Follow these simple packing tips to help you feel organized and prepared as you venture off to find rest and relaxation!

Choose the right luggage

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The less baggage you have, the less stressful your travel will be. Carefully select what is necessary and try to fit it into a carry-on if you’re flying, because baggage claim during the holidays isn’t the most relaxing place to be. A great hack is to roll up your clothing, instead of folding it, to maximize luggage space. The key to great packing is remembering to utilize all the space.

Remember your skin

Skin is especially dry in the cold weather, so moisturization and protection are key. Don’t let dark winter days fool you into thinking you don’t need SPF. The sun’s harmful rays go through clouds and can damage skin (especially the face), even when it’s overcast.

Save room in your toiletry bag by packing a two-in-one moisturizer and sunscreen that is not only travel-friendly but moisturizes and protects. With the help of Neoglucosamine, Neutrogena Bright Boost Moisturizer with SPF 30 will rejuvenate dull winter skin by nourishing it with powerful antioxidants, Moringa Seed Oil and Vitamins C & E. Lightweight and sheer, this moisturizer protects skin against dry winter weather and the sun with broad spectrum SPF 30, while visibly improving tone, texture and brightness.

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Pack light and layer up!

It’s cold, and probably snowing, so it’s tempting to reach for your heavy-duty gear when planning a cold-weather wardrobe. But bringing lots of lighter items is usually the smarter choice. Not only can you still create that cozy feeling by layering up, but you’ll have more options to mix and match outfits so you can stay fashionable and style your look based on your mood. Our tip: limit your color palette and it will make styling simple!