Review: ‘Wrong Side of Goodbye’ is masterful crime novel

“The Wrong Side of Goodbye” (Little, Brown and Co.), by Michael Connelly

Harry Bosch has retired from the Los Angeles Police Department, but he still finds himself in the middle of a puzzling mystery in “The Wrong Side of Goodbye” by Michael Connelly.

Bosch has two jobs that keep him busy. In addition to working part-time as a private investigator, he volunteers as a detective for the short-staffed San Fernando police department, looking over cold cases. The condition of this arrangement is that he cannot use resources from the department to assist with his work as a private investigator.

He soon begins to juggle two urgent cases. He’s working for the police department on a case involving a serial rapist, and his private investigator skills are put to the test when elderly billionaire Whitney Vance asks him to find a possible heir. The child would have been born in 1950 when Vance was 18 and the woman he loved was 16. Vance’s father forced them apart and Vance regrets never fighting since she was the only woman he ever loved. Finding her and their child would help him make peace with himself and provide an heir for his business.

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Bosch has little to go on, and as he begins his search for answers, he starts hitting roadblocks, as if someone didn’t want him to find the woman or the couple’s child. Luckily for Bosch, he has access to legal help from a relative who is quite familiar to fans of Connelly.

To say Connelly has written another masterful crime novel would not be enough praise.