Righteous Foods founder launches fajita delivery service

A new Ghost Kitchen concept featuring Fajita’s only delivery is being launched. EAT FAJITAS is the brainchild of chef and entrepreneur Lanny P. Lancarte II; founder and owner of Righteous Foods.

EAT FAJITAS will centralize its focus of fajita platters and sides, custom Margarita Packs and Desserts including Lancarte’s legendary churros and custom paletas made by MELT Ice Creams. The delivery radius is wide enough to cover nearly all neighborhoods in Fort Worth.

 “The spices of Tex-Mex have always run through my veins. For many years Tex-Mex got a bad rap as the step-child to Mexican cuisine, but I believe the time has come to wave the Tex-Mex flag with pride as one of the very few regional cuisines our young country has,” Lanny Lancarte, owner of EatFajitas.com, said. “We believe focusing on one excellent menu item can showcase our mastery of the most fun and user friendly, shareable dish Tex-Mex has. Paired with a fresh margarita, we can deliver a house fiesta right to our customers doorstep.”

Customers will be able to order directly from the website, www.eatfajitas.com, or through the EAT FAJITAS app, available through the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

- FWBP Digital Partners -

The passing of legislation on alcohol delivery in the State of Texas last year, coupled with additional changes during the COVID-19 pandemic, make this an ideal time to launch the delivery only service of EAT FAJITAS and the Margarita Packs.

“We’ve actually had the Margarita concept in the works for a while, the pandemic gave us an opportunity to test launch out of the Righteous Foods kitchen,” Lancarte said. “The concept is perfect for our moment in time, delicious food delivered to your home for small groups of people that won’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning.” – FWBP Staff