Seeking employment for people with developmental disabilities

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When Texas adults with intellectual and developmental (IDD) disabilities want to work, Fort Worth-based Caregiver Inc. wants to help them find and sustain employment.

Caregiver serves 2,300 Texans facing IDD challenges with home and community-based services through the Medicaid waiver program, helping many of these individuals fulfill passions and desires in the workplace through a signature program – Employment Supports, the company said in a news release.

Last year, supported individuals earned a cumulative $300,000 at their jobs. Caregiver aims to raise figure by at least 20 percent, to $360,000 by Dec. 31, 2020.

“That can mean more individuals in the workplace and more income for those who are already working,” said Amanda Corrigan, Vice President of Operational Excellence at Caregiver’s operations support center in Fort Worth. “Just like anyone, people facing disability challenges want to learn new skills, make money, achieve success and contribute to their communities, and our program helps them do it all.”

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Employment Supports identifies jobs, trains workers and offers ongoing employment stability, the company said. Assigned Caregiver Support Managers work directly to research options, talk to guardians and employers, and prep individuals one-on-one for interviews. Then, when a candidate gets a job, Support Managers coach and shadow employees at work as long as necessary.

“Bosses are reassured by our high level of support,” said Kathy Griffith, Caregiver’s South Regional Director in San Antonio.

Job support services aren’t billable but are critical to Caregiver’s mission. With employment partners like McDonald’s, Texas Tech University and Marshall’s, among others, there are many job opportunities for disabled persons.

Caregiver is optimistic about 2020 targets, the company says.

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“It’s gratifying to help an individual rise above challenges and move into a fulfilling situation,” said North Texas Regional Director Debbie Youngblood. “Caregiver exceeds industry standards with programs like Employment Supports, and those we serve reap the benefits.”

Caregiver Inc. is a privately held company with more than 3,500 employees within the headquarters support group and multiple branded affiliates in four states that provide a wide range of intermediate, home and community care services to nearly 2,800 individuals who qualify as developmentally or intellectually disabled or are impacted by related conditions.

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