Stay-At-Home Dads, Mid-Life Search For Gold, New Theory On Leadership, Balancing People And Profits


Leaderology” by Oleg Konovalov

(NAPSI)—“Leaderology” is a new approach to managing organizations in today’s digital environment. It helps identify common and specific errors that arise in any business and how to treat them before they threaten the business itself.

While defining new areas of improvement, this book offers recommendations that can create ultimate leaps in performance and customer satisfaction. Through different case studies and responses from industry experts, it shows how devoting effort and time to honing leadership competencies is the best investment in the future. From WildBlue Press, purchase at

“Lean On-The Five Pillars of Support for Women in Leadership” by Andreas Wilderer

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Andreas Wilderer was raised in Germany where he met his wife, a successful female executive. Their family relocated to the U.S. in 2009, and Andreas put his career plans in the backseat to support his wife and his family. He stayed at home and cared for his two children while his wife pursued her career, establishing a “new normal” for their family. Now he is sharing his story to inspire other men to do the same, as well as addressing the stigma of the stay-at-home dad.

Says McKeel Hagerty, CEO of the Hagerty Group, “’Lean On’ is changing how we think about fathers who choose the nontraditional roles of support-giver, stay-at-home dad, and hearth-keeper.” From Advantage Media Group, purchase at

“Trove-A Woman’s Search for Truth and Buried Treasure” by Sandra A. Miller

Eight years ago, Sandra Miller was invited on an armchair treasure hunt: a search for $10,000 worth of gold coins buried in New York City, of all places. When she agreed to go, her entire world was upended. Miller talks about her struggle entering middle age and an inner longing for something more-in her case a search for gold coins connected with a lifelong fascination with buried treasures.

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“Trove” takes the reader on an adventure with Miller as she searches for the $10,000 worth of buried coins. Along the way, she grapples with the regret and confusion that so often accompanies middle age. From Brown Paper Press, purchase at

“Get in the Game-How to Create Rapid Financial Results and Lasting Cultural Change” by Rich Armstrong and Steve Barker

Though technology has evolved at hyper speed over the last hundred years, management styles have mostly stayed the same. The higher-ups make decisions, and the employees grind it out, often without knowing the endgame. In 1983, Jack Stack created a new game, The Great Game of Business.

Now, entrepreneurs Rich Armstrong and Steve Baker are expanding on the rules of that game. This book is the only business operating system that reconciles the people/profits paradox, balancing the need for profit with the need of people. It’s finance and culture. It’s substance and soul. It’s money and people. This book is designed to teach you the principles and practices to get there. From Advantage Media Group, buy at

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