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Culture The Opener: Carolyn Phillips

The Opener: Carolyn Phillips

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Check it out:


There’s cool and there’s stone cold cool. Local culinary entrepreneur Carolyn Phillips exudes stone cold cool. No doubt about that.

And the founder, owner and chief alchemist behind the tasty Alchemy Pops, a local gourmet frozen pop company, has launched a new business entitled My Pantry Kitchen. The concept was born out of lockdowns and limited supplies of readily available produce and goods during the time of COVID-19. And, more than a little philanthropy to boot.

Carolyn Phillips

With an educational background in entrepreneurship and agricultural sustainability, Phillips brings a unique perspective to the world of food and the way people interact and connect through it. The first offering from the new business is an online publication titled “A (Kinda) Culinary Publication For The Socially Distanced. 19 Recipes To Make The Most of What You Already Have.”

Phillips said the crisis of COVID-19 awakened and inspired her to come back to the foundational importance of and connection to food.

“Many of us are experiencing feelings of uncertainty, distance and scarcity,” she said. “However, I want to help re-frame the conversation away from what we lack, and instead focus on what we already have and how we can maximize those resources and enjoy them. My hope is that Pantry Kitchen will help educate and  communicate how food connects us and that our circumstances don’t define us.”

The first publication includes a lineup of simple at-home recipes that people can create from the items they have currently in their at-home pantry. As a way to add a little fun to the experience, Phillips has paired each easy how-to with a suggested song to create your “Kitchen Party Playlist.”

Phillips has also committed to donating 100% of the proceeds from the e-book ($4 per download, which is also is the estimated cost for 19 meals when donated to a food bank) to the Tarrant Area Food Bank to support the fight against food insecurity and hunger. Stone cold cool.

Here are some facts about Phillips:

Best piece of advice she has ever received?  “The difference between a crisis and an adventure is your attitude.”
Phillips is a TCU alum and holds an M.A. in Sustainability from Arizona State University’s Global Institute of Sustainability where she studied sustainable food systems. 

Alchemy Pops was a finalist in the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Awards for 2017 as an Emerging Business

What flavors does Alchemy Pops serve? From basic chocolate strawberry, and watermelon to a more exotic pop, such as honey-cream lavender, horchata or lemon-blueberry buttermilk, there are plenty of menu options.

Fact Box:

Here’s the 411 on Alchemy Pops

     411 South Main St.


Fort Worth 76104


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