The power of positivity: Simple tips to change your life

The power of positivity: Simple tips to change your life

(BPT) – Work demands paired with family demands make modern life extremely busy. Meetings, deadlines, housework, kids’ homework, practice and much more all vie for your time. What’s the secret to keeping on top of it all? Research shows the power of positivity can work wonders in managing stress, staying productive and boosting happiness.

Four out of five people agree positive thinking can help improve their lives and start the morning off on a positive note, according to a recent survey of American workers to gain insight into the impact of positivity in the workplace conducted by The Original Donut Shop Coffee. The good news is that a resounding 88% of Americans consider themselves positive people, but they think there is room for improvement. In fact, 69% wish they could be even more positive!

“Positive individuals are three times more creative, 31% more productive, and 23% less fatigued,” says Amy Blankson, CEO of Fearless Positivity and author of “The Future of Happiness.” “No matter where your baseline for happiness is today, you can always increase your overall happiness level.”

Blankson offers some insight into simple ways you can inject positivity into your day:

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Set intentions early

Take a moment to shift your focus in the morning. What do you want to get out of your day? It’s so easy to fall prey to the tyranny of urgency. Hold the emails, texts, calls and messages and spend just 2 minutes grounding yourself in a positive practice like meditating or journaling. You’ll set yourself up for greater happiness in the long run.

Get creative

If you feel like you don’t have the time or discipline to keep a gratitude journal, try looking for a “gratitude trigger.” For instance, every time you stop at a red light, say one thing you are grateful for. This habit is great to pass time on commutes and is also a good practice to share with your children when they are in the car with you.

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Think to the future

Try saying “future-forward gratitudes” in the morning. These are the things you are excited about for the day ahead, such as a meeting, lunch or special project. This practice helps prime you for positivity during the day and gives you an anchor point for reflection at the end of the day.

Connect remotely

While more people are working from home, 45% of them consider themselves a positive person versus 75% of people who work in the office, according to the survey. One way to stay connected and spread positivity with coworkers when you’re not in the office is by taking a few minutes each day to text, email or call a coworker to thank them for something they did.

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Move beyond off days

Don’t get hung up when you have a negative day. The most important part of creating a new habit is having the courage to restart when you have an off day. Happiness is not a state of mind; it’s a mindset that develops over time. The best way to elevate your mindset is by training your brain to look for positive information in the world around you that you might have missed.

Pay it forward

Individuals who pay it forward through praise and recognition express that they have greater feelings of happiness, satisfaction and relatedness. However, even more importantly, both givers and receivers inspire others to want to give, which creates a powerful network effect.