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The third-largest gold nugget in existence comes back to Dallas

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The famed Ausrox Gold Nugget — weighing in at 51.29 pounds and regarded as the third largest gold nugget in existence — has returned from Houston and is back in the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas.

The nugget was on loan as part of the original collection that debuted in the Lyda Hill Gems and Minerals Hall when the Museum opened to the public in December 2012. In 2015, the Ausrox went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science, but it has now made it’s way back to Dallas.

This golden “treasure” was discovered in 2010 in the Eastern Goldfield of Australia by three prospectors using just a simple hand-held metal detector!

“This is the remarkable story of three miners who, back in 2010, were in the wilderness of Australia armed with just a metal detector and a small tractor. Imagine their shock coming upon a piece of gold about the size of a basketball and weighing over 50 pounds – and then later learning that it was among the largest in the world,” said a spokesperson for The Pinnacle Collection, which owns the nugget. “This discovery is a terrific illustration of the important scientific contributions made by amateur collectors and everyday citizens. We are thrilled to share this remarkable specimen with guests at the Perot Museum.”

According to a news release, “while the bullion value of the nugget is already substantial, the size and rarity of the Ausrox Nugget combine to make its worth invaluable in the collector market.”

“From the days of the ancient Egyptians and the California gold rush, to our modern-day financial markets, gold has retained its value, power, beauty and mystique,” said Dr. Linda Abraham-Silver, the Eugene McDermott Chief Executive Officer of the Perot Museum. “We’re delighted to welcome the Ausrox back to Dallas and encourage everyone to experience this rare and priceless specimen.”

To visit the museum and see the famed nugget, tickets can be purchased for $20 for adults (18-64), $13 for youth (2-17) and $14 for seniors (65+).

The Perot Museum is located at 2201 N. Field Street in Dallas.

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