‘The Walking Dead’ finale: Terminus is not heaven

Henry Hanks


Editor’s note: Warning: Do not read any further if you have yet to watch the finale of “The Walking Dead’s” fourth season.

(CNN) — It wouldn’t be a finale to “The Walking Dead” without at least a few moments that make you gasp, and Sunday night’s season ender certainly delivered.

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Last week, several survivors, including Glenn and Maggie, arrived at Terminus in what was promised to be a safe haven, but was it really?

We caught up this week with Rick, Carl and Michonne — interspersed with flashbacks to the comparatively idyllic life back at the prison — and they too had a rough road to Terminus.

Here are some of the big moments from this week’s episode:

1. Joe meets Rick again

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Just when it almost seemed like Rick’s trio had it all figured out (he even created a new way to trap walkers), they were set upon by Joe and his up-to-no-good crew of “rule followers” with Daryl in tow.

Despite Daryl begging for mercy, Joe’s men started to beat him to death, while others set upon Carl and Michonne.

2. Rick fights back, big time

When Rick saw his son in trouble, he moved his head back and injured Joe, whose gun went off. Rick — well, there’s no other way to put this — then bit Joe on the neck and went after the rest of his crew, including the man who attacked Carl, repeatedly stabbing him to death.

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The other survivors couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Needless to say, don’t mess with Carl.

On the bright side, Daryl is back. He and Rick are like brothers now, too.

3. Welcome to Terminus

Rick, Daryl, Michonne and Carl finally arrived at Terminus — sneaking in through the back, of course.

The moment Rick noticed one of the denizens of Terminus wearing Hershel’s watch (now owned by Glenn), he pulled a gun on someone — and wait, isn’t that woman wearing Maggie’s poncho, too?

It just wouldn’t be a finale without a shootout, and we certainly got one as Rick and crew fired against Gareth and the rest from Terminus.

4. What is this place?

Entrails seen in a courtyard? A room where the words “Never again” are painted on the walls? Something’s just not right with Terminus. Unfortunately, we didn’t find out too much more about this. …

5. Reunited

Gareth finally gets the upper hand and orders Rick, Daryl and Michonne (the “ringleader, archer and samurai”) to enter a train car. An enraged Rick asks about his son, and Gareth tells Carl to walk over to the car.

When they make their way in, they soon realize that Glenn, Maggie, Abraham and others in their group are alive.

Carol, Tyrese and Judith are still making their way to Terminus, as far as we know, but Beth’s whereabouts remain unknown.

Rick delivers one of the best lines in the series’ history when he tells Glenn, “They’re going to feel really stupid when they find out … they’re screwing with the wrong people.”

Rick certainly proved that with his actions this week. He’s gone from a lawman to the “Ricktator” to something of a go-for-broke violent avenger over the years.