Top Tips for Hurricane and Storm Readiness

Top Tips for Hurricane and Storm Readiness

(StatePoint) June to November is known in many parts of the country as hurricane season. As a growing area of the U.S. becomes susceptible to the effects of tropical storms, tornadoes and hurricanes, it’s important to have a plan for your home and family.

To help you weather storms, the experts at Freddie Mac are offering the following tips:

• Your home should have an emergency supply kit stocked with water, flashlights, non-perishable food, first-aid supplies, batteries, a radio and several days’ worth of medication for every member of the family.

• Create a family emergency plan and make sure everyone knows what to do and when. If you have pets, make sure that your plan accounts for them, too.

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• Gather and protect important household documentation, including birth certificates, passports, marriage licenses, mortgage statements, deeds, insurance policies and medical files. These, along with valuables and family mementos, should be kept protected in a safety deposit box or fire– and water–proof safe. In the event of an emergency, have a plan to move these items to higher ground where they are less likely to sustain water damage.

• Check your area’s emergency management agency to know where to go in the event of a local area evacuation. Technology can help you stay informed, as well as assist you in connecting with friends and family. With the free hurricane app from the American Red Cross, you can track weather and alert loved ones you are safe. Likewise, the free app from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) features numerous resources for preparing or dealing with a storm. To ensure these apps come in handy when they are needed most, keep your phone charged as long as your home has power. Having an external battery pack on-hand can be helpful as well, particularly if you need to evacuate.

• When severe weather is in the forecast, clear your home’s outdoor areas of loose furniture, lawn debris and other loose items and store these items securely. Maintain your gutters to help protect your home from undue damage during heavy rainfall.  

• On of the best ways to protect your home is by preparing windows and doors for the storm ahead. Installing hurricane-impact strength windows and applying hurricane film, which can be left on year-round, can offer your family peace of mind, particularly if you have little time to prepare.

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Unfortunately, no one can stop a tropical storm or hurricane from happening, but before the next storm heads your way, you can take steps to help ensure your family and home are protected.

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