Wide Range Of Reading Ideas To Get In Gear For The Holidays


“Mosi Musa: A True Tale About a Monkey Raised By His Grandma” by Georgeanne Irvine (San Diego Zoo)

(NAPSI)—Immediately rejected by his mother at birth, Mosi Musa the vervet monkey had a challenging start. But with the help of his grandmother, Thelma, along with the zookeepers of the San Diego Zoo, Mosi was raised in a safe and loving environment and continues to grow and thrive.

This engaging picture book details Mosi’s first few weeks living in an incubator with eight feedings a day, surrounded by his favorite toys and visits from his grandmother, so that when he is finally old enough to move into the zoo’s enclosure permanently, he feels comfortable with her by his side. Rich with informative details and a variety of adorable photos, this true storybook is endearing for all ages. Purchase at http://bit.ly/2MehDdF.

“Red Hotel” by Ed Fuller and Gary Grossman (Beaufort Books)

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“Red Hotel” is an incredibly timely globe-trotting thriller that is fiction on the edge of reality. A Tokyo hotel is bombed and dozens are killed and injured, so why is one man walking away from the massacre with a smile on his face? Former Army intelligence officer Dan Reilly, now international hotel executive, is on the case.

As Reilly utilizes all the contacts he can to get to the bottom of the disaster, he learns he isn’t just looking for one person but an entire organization that he never suspected. This discovery leads him to more calculated acts of terror around the globe and a much more internationally connected web of corruption than he was prepared for. Purchase at https://amzn.to/2nYUh3m.

“Washington’s Shadow” by Barbara N. McLennan

In this charming tale of historical fiction, Jane Powell, whose father fought with George Washington at Valley Forge, awaits her betrothed, George Morgan White Eyes, though she fears he was killed by allies of Thomas Jefferson.

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When Jane’s brother Billy pays a visit, she finds he is in trouble-on the run from men who are after the Ohio land passed on to him when his father died. But he also brings thrilling news: George Morgan White Eyes is alive. Jane’s children and their cousins are sent on a quest through the forest where surprising dangers hide behind every bend. Purchase at https://amzn.to/2oGaFpI.

“Christmas from the Heart” by Sheila Roberts (MIRA)

In the quaint, wintry town of Pine River, Olivia Berg’s thriving charity, Christmas from the Heart, begins to flounder when Hightower Enterprises stops giving its generous and relied-upon donation. The company’s new CFO Guy Hightower, whom Olivia doesn’t know yet, was forced to make budget cuts.

Guy’s car breaks down just outside town and none other than Olivia rescues him by giving him a ride. How long will it take Olivia to discover that she has helped the individual who is sinking her charity? And will Olivia, always putting her work before her love life, be attracted to Guy’s charm before she discovers his identity? Purchase at https://amzn.to/2ndnpnl.

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