Women artists in Bologna: Free “Art In Context” Lecture at the Kimbell Art Museum Oct. 16

Babette Bohn, Ph.D., professor of art history, Texas Christian University, will present a free lecture titled She worked not only beyond any woman, but also beyond any man ….: Women Artists in Early Modern Bologna on Wednesday, October 16, at 12:30 p.m., in the Pavilion Auditorium. No reservations are required.

The museum said in a news release that from antiquity through the Renaissance and beyond, most European artists were men, an imbalance between the genders that was the product of many social and institutional practices that made it difficult for women to gain artistic training.

Bohn’s discovery that at least 68 women artists were active in early modern Bologna is truly astonishing, the museum said. This presentation will explore some of the factors that made the Italian city of Bologna unusually receptive to creative women, touching on a few women artists who achieved particular success.

Bohn is the author or co-author of nine books and numerous essays on Italian art, most devoted to Bolognese art of the early modern period, particularly drawings and prints.

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– FWBP Staff