Education Notes: Arlington Classics Academy celebrates 20 years

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Arlington Classics Academy celebrates 20 years

Arlington Classics Academy is in the middle of celebrating its 20th anniversary. The school began with fewer than 200 students in a small leased building off Roosevelt Drive.

ACA has grown to three campuses that serve more than 1,550 students from kindergarten through eighth grade. It was one of the first charter schools in Arlington and opened in 1999, founded by a group of parents with the desire to create a learning environment with the highest level of instruction based on the individual needs of each student.

“I want to congratulate Arlington Classics Academy on celebrating their 20th anniversary. It seems like only yesterday I was on the original advisory board when ACA was founded, and I am so proud to see how far this institution has come,” said Rep. Ron Wright, R-Arlington. “I had such a great time meeting with the eighth-grade students and faculty members this past spring during their visit to Washington, D.C., and I look forward to next year’s trip.”

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ACA’s classical curriculum includes the fundamentals of language arts, science, social studies, accelerated math and reading programs, Spanish, physical education, art, and music. Four character traits on which the school was founded – strength, wisdom, courage, and vigilance – are also integrated into student development.

“For the past 20 years, Arlington Classics Academy educators have challenged and inspired students to push their academic boundaries and ACA students have thrived,” said Craig Sims, Executive Director of Arlington Classics Academy. “ACA has earned the highest accountability rating from the Texas Education Agency since 2007 and the school’s most recent Academic Performance Scored issued by TEA was 91 compared to a regional average of 77.

All three ACA campuses have been named Top Best Charter Schools in Texas by and over 80% of ACA students meet or exceed the national mean on norm reference assessment. Arlington Classics Academy is proud to one of the many diverse and quality education options available to the families in our community.”

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