Great Ways to Make Education More Affordable

Great Ways to Make Education More Affordable

(StatePoint) As most parents know, even a free public school education comes with certain expenses that over the course of a school year can really add up. While many of these expenditures feel unavoidable, there are certain ways that families can save money on the hidden costs of schooling.

Skill Share

Is your child struggling in one class and excelling in another? Before coughing up the cost of a tutor to get your child up to speed, consider a skill share as a free and friendly alternative. There is likely a student in your child’s class who possesses the opposite strengths and challenges. Encourage your child to team up with that student and become cooperative study buddies.

Online Calculators

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All-in-one web-based mathematics resources can eliminate the expense of a calculator and other math supplies. For example,, free to educators and students, is a tool geared toward K-12 and beyond that exceeds the functionality of a calculator. A user-friendly tool that’s also offering educators an innovative way to share lesson plans, among its many features are a virtual protractor and compass, and a math-based text editor that provides a rich assortment of mathematical templates.

This web-based calculator is designed to be equally usable by keyboard and mouse as with touch-based platforms and gives users the ability to create folders, organize and share work. To register, or for more information, visit

Organize a Fundraiser

From band uniforms to chess club fees, participation in extracurricular and after school activities frequently comes with a price tag. To reduce or eliminate such expenses for not only your child, but for every club or team member, consider spearheading a fundraiser and getting everyone involved. From car washes to silent auctions, fundraisers do more than the name implies, building team spirit among participants and community awareness of the club’s goals and accomplishments.

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With a few tricks and some new tech, your family can save significantly on the cost of school.

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