New logo, new programs launch for Hispanic Chamber


A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that the Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber’s new logo was orange and designed by advertising agency J.O. The logo is actually red and was designed by Andrew Yanez. 

New logo, new website, new programs – the Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber is starting 2016 with an updated look that launched Wednesday.

“The expectation of the Chamber is much different today,” Hispanic Chamber President John Hernandez said. “We are no longer just a small group of Hispanic businessmen. We are the workforce. We are the educated. We are the representatives of small, medium and large companies. We are Fort Worth.”

The new logo was designed by Andrew Yanez, a member of the Hispanic Chamber’s board of directors and owner of advertising firm PytchBlack. The logo changes from a stylized “H” against a blue color scheme to the shape of a longhorn against a bright red color scheme. The chamber also worked with J.O. Design on the rebranding effort.

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“Using the red is a bold representation of the Hispanic community,” Hernandez said. 

Along with a new logo, Hernandez also announced the launch of several new programs, one of which is a lecture series that begins March 24 and features City Manager David Cooke as the first speaker. The other activities are an orientation program for the Hispanic Chamber’s new members and a Young Professionals of Fort Worth program, which aims to mentor recent college graduates and other young people entering the workforce.

The Hispanic Chamber also hopes to expand its online presence, launching a redesigned website and joining Twitter and Instagram, Hernandez said.

Hernandez joined the Hispanic Chamber in July 2015 after the resignation of former President Asusena Resendiz. Hernandez said one of his first goals was to rewrite the organization’s mission statement to include the phrase “Fort Worth.” The new mission statement reads, “Fostering a vibrant economic environment for our members, individuals and the greater Fort Worth area.”

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But in the midst of the changes, the Hispanic Chamber’s mission is not much different from the mission it had when it began in the 1970s, said Al Saenz, Chairman-Elect of the Hispanic Chamber Board of Directors.

“The purpose really hasn’t changed much from 1973,” he said. “In fact, much of what we were founded on still holds true today. The Chamber’s mission is clear and simple. We are here to help open doors.”