Preparing for the New School Year

Preparing for the New School Year

(StatePoint) Teachers, students and families busy prepping for the year ahead all know that having the right supplies in and out of the classroom can help pave the way for a successful back-to-school season. With that in mind, consider these ideas to hit the ground running:

• Math Class: There’s no reason math needs to be your most challenging course. With the right calculator, it can be easy to view how mathematical concepts actually work. For example, the fx-CG500 brings touchscreen technology to the graphing calculator. Its extra-large screen allows for more complete and detailed viewing, and its drag-and-drop functionality enables students to quickly and intuitively pull information from one representation into another. Incorporating standard Natural Textbook Display, along with drop-down menus and a soft keyboard, it’s easy to use, so you can concentrate on what matters — absorbing the material.

• New Kicks: Kids are active and growing quickly, which means their shoes are getting worn out and outgrown regularly. The new school year is a good time of year to take inventory of a child’s shoe collection and to replace sneakers and fashion footwear that no longer fit or aren’t in tip-top shape. This can help students return to school comfortably and ready for anything, from the hallways to the playing fields.

• Swift Set-Up: Time is of the essence during the school day and educators know how important swift set-up is. Tools that can help teachers transition between classes or components of a lesson plan are critical. Technology, such as the Superior Series from Casio’s LampFree Projector line-up, can help. Using the Moderator Function, teachers can select a presenter from anywhere in a classroom and project their PC onto the screen. Data, classwork and presentations from students’ devices can be shared via a wireless connection with ease. These features are designed to reduce set-up time in the classroom and keep students focused on the curriculum.

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• Ground Control: Parents can keep everyone organized by creating a central location where plans are recorded, notes are written, to-do lists are made and paperwork is organized. Whether it’s in the mud room or kitchen, be sure to select a highly-trafficked location accessible to family members of all heights to reference and update. A wall calendar, paper organizer and chalkboard are just a few of the items to consider including in this space.

• Get Creative: Learning to play an instrument is a great idea for any student, as it can jump-start creativity, help students learn to focus and problem solve, and has even been associated with higher test scores. Check out instruments designed to assist in the learning process, such as the portable Casio LK-265 Keyboard, which has the potential to open up a whole world of music with its 400 tones and 150 built-in rhythms, including the all-new Dance Music Mode. Touch-sensitive keys feature a lighting system to make learning fun, offering a great introduction to music-making.

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