SciFit brings technology to fitness


SciFit Center

2408 Forest Park Blvd.

Fort Worth 76110


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There is fit and there is Sci-Fit.

SciFit Center is a nutrition and fitness consulting company that focuses on helping clients reach their fitness and wellness goals from every aspect possible, formulating personalized nutrition and fitness programs tailored to clients’ schedules, lifestyle, preferences and goals.

Dr. Bryce Calvillo, a health and fitness specialist, and his wife Angela, a qualified nutritionist, started SciFit Center in April. They are located at 2408 Forest Park Blvd. in Fort Worth.

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“Angela and I have been fitness enthusiasts for several years, and we have always noticed a large disconnect between people’s wellness goals and their knowledge of how to achieve them,” Bryce said. “We have a huge passion for helping others, so we decided to share our knowledge and expertise by opening the first nutrition and fitness consulting business in Fort Worth.”

SciFit utilizes the Fit3D Body Scanner that provides a person with what is said to be the most accurate body composition data such as body fat percentage, muscle mass and anatomical measurements.

“This helps us monitor our clients progress and ensure that they are getting the results that they need,” Bryce said.

SciFit Center provides nutrition and fitness consulting.

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“This means we guide our clients in every aspect that is going to help them achieve their goals in the most effective, efficient, and safe way possible,” Bryce said. “Most people can buy healthy foods and make a few trips to the gym every week, but it’s knowing how to eat those foods, in what amounts, and what exactly to do in the gym that stumps most people and hinders their progress.”

That’s where SciFit Center comes in. They advise clients on exactly what they should be doing, and meet with them regularly to monitor progress and provide accountability.

“We meet with our clients on a weekly basis so that they are able to articulate their questions and concerns on a regular basis,” Angela said. “However, there are some extreme situations where clients will reach out and are needing some extra guidance, which I am more than happy to give them. I understand that weight loss is an extremely difficult life change for most people and I want to make sure I make it as good of an experience as I can.”

SciFit offers a variety of programs, ranging from professional weight loss to muscle rejuvenation therapy.

“Most of our clients utilize our comprehensive program, which includes nutrition and fitness consulting, body composition scanning, and DNA testing in order to reach their goals as effectively as possible,” Bryce said.

The DNA testing involves a simple saliva swab, but it allows them to discover how your body metabolizes certain foods and what type of nutrition plan works best for you. The testing also reveals what types of exercise methods are most beneficial and effective for your particular genetic makeup.

“This takes the guesswork out of the equations and allows you to do exactly what’s going to benefit you the most,” Bryce said.

Bryce played club hockey at Texas Tech University. He said it helped him realize how much proper nutrition plays a role in a person’s physical state as well as their mental state. Bryce also previously worked with elite athletes and fitness competitors by coaching them in their nutrition programs and workout routines. Angela has worked as a nutritionist for a prominent weight loss company prior to starting SciFit.

But one doesn’t have to be an athlete to benefit from SciFit, Angela said.

“SciFit is for everyone. If they have a health goal in mind, whether it be nutrition or fitness related we are here to help,” she said. “We have clients with a variety goals anywhere from losing weight to building muscle, and we provide the necessary consulting to help it be achieved.

“There are no rules to become a healthier version of yourself, and we take that into account with our programs. We understand that not everyone enjoys the same foods or desires to become an exercise enthusiast.”

For those too busy to prepare all the necessary food in a SciFit program, no worries. They have a meal prep chef who professionally prepares healthy meals and delivers a five-day supply that’s cooked and ready to eat, right to the SciFit offices so they can be picked up by clients during weekly consultations.

“We understand that people are very busy, and it may be difficult for them to prepare two to three whole food meals a day in order to eat healthy,” Bryce said. “The meals are very affordable and taste great.”

And if a client needs something not offered by SciFit, Bryce and Angela are happy to help with a referral system.

“We pride ourselves in being knowledgeable in all aspects related to the fitness and wellness field,” Bryce said. “We have awesome clinics we refer to for hormone treatment and have built unique relationships with all types of exercise facilities so that our clients have plenty to choose from.”

SciFit does not take insurance. However, it does accept payments from health savings accounts.

Bryce said they are already looking into expansion.

“We hope to expand to other areas in the future so that we can reach more people and help change more lives,” Bryce said. “However, we are not willing to sacrifice the quality of our services by expanding too quickly.”

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