Tarrant County releases school data ‘dashboard’ to check COVID infection rates

Tarrant County Public Health has released a school data “dashboard” to help school leadership and residents better understand the COVID-19 metrics in their areas. The majority of Tarrant County schools are now at a point where they could consider a hybrid learning model.

The dashboard is located here: http://www.tarrantcounty.com/schoolguidance
“The new dashboard, along with our existing education guidance, is designed to help our school leadership and parents understand their local COVID-19 infection rates so they can make the best decisions for their children,” said Tarrant County Public Health Director Vinny Taneja. “Right now, the health status of many of the school zones has improved to a point where a hybrid learning model may be appropriate.”

The data shown on the new dashboard suggests various learning scenarios that maybe appropriate to consider, based on the current health data metrics within school zones. The dashboard will be updated each Monday. The new information is meant to be used in conjunction with public health’s educational guidance that was most recently updated in August.
Public high school attendance zones are used on the dashboard to show the COVID-19 metrics for each local area, including the elementary, middle, charter and private schools. The interactive site allows for clicking on zones and schools, as well as using the drop-down menus to identify the local area. Users can measure the infection rate at the county, school district and high school attendance zone levels for comparison.
“The data metrics in Tarrant County show that the COVID-19 situation has improved enough in several school zones, shown in yellow, to allow the hybrid model of learning, which couples online virtual learning with in-person learning,” said Taneja. “The areas indicated in red are still best suited for virtual learning, as they present a high risk of spread posed by COVID-19.”

COVID-19 causes respiratory illness with cough, fever and shortness of breath and may lead to bronchitis and severe pneumonia. For more information go to coronavirus.tarrantcounty.com or call the Tarrant County Public Health information line, 817-248-6299, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.