UTA pledges additional $25 million in student scholarships

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The University of Texas at Arlington is expanding its ongoing commitment to students and families by ensuring an additional investment of $25 million in scholarships over the next five years, beginning with the fall 2021 term.

This commitment expressly addresses student diversity and financial concerns for first-generation college students, low-income families, high-achieving students, and those facing challenges in the wake of COVID-19, the school said in a news release.

The university’s mission is to support students as they achieve their educational goals and to help keep the best talent in Texas.
A recent report by the National Center for Education Statistics found that more than 32,000 students left Texas for the fall 2018 term to become first-time college students in other states. This gave Texas the fourth-highest departing number of any state in the U.S., after accounting for out-of-state students coming to Texas.
“UTA stands committed to our students,” said Interim President Teik C. Lim. “At this time of great economic, social, and health imperatives, it is important that we as a university step up and ensure high-achieving students receive the support they need to excel in their chosen fields as they earn their degrees with us. This investment ensures that we nurture and support the diverse brain trust that will power our region and the state of Texas.”

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The university’s financial commitment to these student scholarships is aligned with UTA’s mission, which emphasizes that the University will provide both academic excellence and collegiate access to highly qualified Texas students of all backgrounds.
“Even as UTA moves ever closer to achieving Texas Tier 1 status, we remain committed to providing access to students who seek the excellence and reward of a degree from a leading research university,” Lim said.

The scholarship funds will be targeted toward the most academically talented students, many of whom are enticed away from Texas by tempting financial offers from out-of-state colleges.
The university currently spends more than $40 million annually toward scholarships and financial support for students. Philanthropic and institutional funds will be leveraged to support these new future scholarship students.

“It is important that our state retain more high-performing ethnically and racially diverse students whom many other states specifically seek to lure away,” Lim said. “We have the opportunity to align this financial commitment with efforts of keeping diverse talent in Texas.”
– FWBP Staff