TXU updates MyEnergy Dashboard with help from tech firm

TXU Energy’s MyEnergy Dashboard is getting a complete makeover, the Dallas-based company said today. Working with Bidgely, a cloud technology provider from Sunnyvale, Calif., TXU’s MyEnergy Dashboard will see a complete makeover of the interface and also new features and additional mobile device components.

MyEnergy Dashboard allows TXU’s 1.5 million users to see their plan benefits; project, pay and compare monthly bills; and get estimates of how much electricity various appliances and other electronics in their homes and businesses are using. It also allows customers to compare their household electricity use to the use of others in their ZIP codes.

Bidgely’s technology will give customers more insight into how individual appliances and systems in their home and business are using electricity, giving customers unique, personalized and precise recommendations to help them make smart decisions that conserve electricity and save money. For example, MyEnergy Dashboard’s new technology can identify how much a customer spends on air-conditioning, as well as whether their use is efficient compared to similar homes. “Ranked between the United Kingdom and Italy in terms of annual power usage, Texas is a useful case study for changes in how consumers buy and manage their electricity,” said Pavel Molchanov, a senior vice president and equity research analyst at Raymond James & Associates. “And with intense competition to serve the state’s 6.7 million retail electric consumers – nearly all of whom have smart meters – retail electric providers are looking to enhance their customer relationships by providing analytics that consumers can use to understand and control their power usage.”