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Arcadia Darling continues at Hip Pocket Theatre

Arcadia Darling

Adapted by Lake Simons and John Dyer with original music score by John Dyer. Directed by Lake Simons.

An unfolding of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, drawn deeper still from the mythic Pan of Arcadia. Featuring puppetry and live music.

July 12th – August 4th

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 9 PM

For tickets:



Shelby Griffin

Quentin McGown

Kristi Ramos Toler

Elysia Worcester

John Badar

Allen Dean

Quentin McGown

Christina Cranshaw

Jeff Stanfield

Caroline Norton

Paul Logsdon

Maleka Maudi

Kristi Ramos Toler

Nick Gilley

Maleka Maudi

Production Staff

Lake Simons

John Dyer

George Miller

Nikki DeShea Smith

Kristen Monroe

Ryan Riley

Laurie McGown

Heidi Diederich

Rebecca Redfox

John Carlisle Moore

Robert Bourdage

Theatre Staff

Johnny Simons

Linda Whittington

Robert Bourdage

Michele Bourdage

Ryann Palacio

Rebo Hill

Peggy Bott Kirby

Chris Curtis

Lorca Simons

Lake Simons

Special Thanks To

Barbara & Paul Grunde, Nina Bonifacio, Ralph Waterson & Olde Home Supply, Laurie & Quentin McGown, JoAnn & Bob Gracey, Scott Ferree, Robert & Michele Bourdage, Allen Dean, George Miller, TCC Northwest Campus, and Diane & Johnny Simons.

Babysitter Angels: Amanda Merrill, Gale Nelson, Allen Dean, Laura Lutz Jones and Susan Austin

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