Association to develop, train basketball officials launches in Arlington

K2 Officials Association, an organization focused on developing a new generation of sports officials, has launched in Arlington.

Founded by NCAA basketball official Keith Kimble, K2 Officials Association LLC is on a mission to unlock the future in coaching, training, and development for individuals officiating basketball.


 “Basketball officials provide a very important service and role to the game, so it is our mission to provide men and women interested in the role with opportunities to learn, train, and develop the skills needed to be a top game official,” said Keith Kimble, President of K2 Officials Association, said in a news release. “Each day, we strive to find new ways to promote the career of officiating by showcasing its qualities for those who love sports, travel, and upholding the rules. Anyone with interest in such a challenging and rewarding opportunity should consider being an official,” he added.

The K2 Officials Association empowers others and promotes officiating through its group consulting services for people looking to become officials, and its individual one-on-one sessions that offer career advice on officiating and participant privacy. Additionally, the Association is delivering reliable, innovative basketball officiating solutions through video to aspiring referees so they can learn technique and pace, while simultaneously helping AAU and summer basketball programs fill official vacancies.

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Founder Kimble brings years of experience to the K2 Officiating Association. A native of Waco, Kimble made a name for himself in the world of collegiate basketball over 20 years as a basketball referee – once traveling through 33 states over a single five-month basketball season and averaging 95 games per season – to become one of the most utilized referees in the NCAA. He has officiated 7 NCAA tournaments and 3 Final Four Games, and is still an active NCAA official.

“We love empowering a new generation of officials for sports, including basketball,” said Kimble. “I have a passion for helping others as a speaker and training coach, and regularly provide demonstrations and drills for events to ensure officials are ready from the first whistle.”