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Best Places to Work Small

Balcom Agency

1413 Rio Grande

Fort Worth 76102



If you happen to drop by the Balcom Agency on a Friday and get greeted by a friendly “woof,” don’t be alarmed. It’s only Four-Legged Friday, when agency employees are encouraged to bring their dogs (and the occasional cat) to work for some free pet therapy.

While pets get a shout-out once a week, senior leaders at Balcom have created an environment where they put people first. “Our leadership team sets us all up to succeed by putting our wellbeing at the heart of decision-making for the company,” said one Balcom employee. “They also teach and guide us without hand-holding.”

Balcom was founded with an entrepreneurial, get-it-done work ethic, so employees are the keys for success. As a result, the company places a high value on competence, fit and culture in the interviewing process. Health and wellness initiatives even take place during team meetings which can become walking meetings.

“Clients come to us to push their brands forward – and likewise, at Balcom, we’re always striving to be better,” said Stuart Balcom, president and CEO. “We believe that a great company starts with great people. That’s why we put our people first – from providing opportunities for professional growth, to offering flexible schedules and doing all we can to ensure employees know they’re valued. And of course, we have a lot of fun together here at Balcom. Life’s too short not to enjoy what you do and who you do it with.”


Ascension Group Architects

1250 E Copeland Road

Suite 500

Arlington 76011



Warren Douglas Advertising

1204 West Seventh Street,

Suite 100

Fort Worth 76102



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