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What a pick! Fort Worth Zoo’s baby elephant Brazos said the Rams would win the Super Bowl and they did

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What do you call an elephant who’s a football fan? An ele-fan, of course, and Fort Worth Zoo resident Brazos, a baby Asian elephant who has legions of fans in his own right, is an ele-fan of the first order. Brazos also strives to be a world-class gridiron prognosticator and has taken the first step by picking the Los Angeles Rams to win Sunday’s Super Bowl LVI.

Brazos made his pick Thursday, Feb. 10, and his human pals at the Zoo captured it all on camera. (Editor’s note: Brazos got it right – the Rams beat the Bengals 23-20).

The field was set with two boomer balls (elephant-sized footballs), one featuring the Rams’ logo and the other painted with the logo of LA’s Super Bowl opponent, the Cincinnati Bengals. With his No. 1 cheerleader, mom Bluebonnet, on the sidelines, Brazos took the field and never looked back. Without hesitation, the 600-pound, 5-star recruit tackled the Rams boomer ball for the official pick.

A failed pick last year extended the Zoo’ losing streak to seven straight Super Bowls, but with Brazos taking over predicting chores for the first time, faithful fans have high hopes for the 2022 prediction. After all, Brazos is a direct descendent of Rasha, the Fort Worth Zoo’s original Super Bowl-picking pachyderm.

The Zoo’s animals have been predicting Super Bowl outcomes since 1998 and Rasha is a prognosticating hall-of-famer. Her grandson Brazos is determined to pull the Zoo out of its ele-fan slump, but of course winning isn’t everything. Not only is pachydermal prognosticating fun for viewers to watch, the enriching activity enhances the animal’s environment and promotes psychological well-being and exercise by changing the complexity of the habitat.

Now let’s hear it for Brazos (and fingers crossed for the Rookie of the Year’s choice)!

Information for this article was provided by the Fort Worth Zoo. The nationally acclaimed zoo has been voted a top zoo in North America by USA Today, one of the “World’s Greatest” by Bloomberg TV, and the Best Zoo in Texas by Yahoo Travel. The Zoo attracts more than 1 million visitors each year.

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