Bowlsby doesn’t believe Big 12 disadvantaged with 10 teams

DALLAS (AP) – Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby doesn’t believe his league is at any disadvantage with 10 teams, and says there isn’t any real push for expansion.

Bowlsby said Monday that a majority of the Big 12 presidents and chancellors “at the present time” believe 10 is the right number for the league.

The commissioner’s comments at the start of the league’s football media days came less than a month after Oklahoma President David Boren suggested the Big 12 should strive to again be a 12-team league. Boren believes the Big 12 is “psychologically disadvantaged” being a smaller conference.

Bowlsby says some Big 12 leaders feel strongly about staying at 10, others feel the same about expanding, and others in the middle could be persuaded either way.