Dog loses love of bomb sniffing, booted from CIA

WASHINGTON (AP) — A puppy lost its love for sniffing out bombs and the CIA lost a recruit.

Lulu gained a family.

Just a few weeks into her training, the doe-eyed black Labrador with flappy ears just wasn’t interested in detecting explosive odors anymore, the agency said.

Even food and play couldn’t motivate her. Lulu sought a different future.

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She found one with a loving handler, who adopted her.

Now, instead of spending days finding blast materials and terrorist devices, the CIA says Lulu plays with kids and sniffs out rabbits and squirrels in the yard.

“She was clearly not enjoying herself any longer,” the CIA said of its erstwhile detector dog.

Of her new civilian life, it said: “This was the right decision for her. We wish her all the best.”