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How Otis became an unlikely symbol of hope during Harvey disaster

Otis is a pretty special dog to people in Sinton, Texas, a small town of about 6,000 near Houston. He can go to the local Dairy Queen and get a hamburger and visit the local H.E.B.

But the rest of the world didn’t know of his charming personality until a neighbor snapped a photo of Otis carrying a bag of dog food down a rain-soaked street and posted it on Facebook. Social media storm ensured and Otis became a star. 

Otis, a German Shepard mix, was being watched by Salvador Segovia, grandfather to the dog’s owner, his 5-year-old grandson.

The dog had grabbed his bag of dog food off the porch and began walking around town following the storm. Otis and Segovia eventually found each other. In a story in the Houston Chronicle, Segovia said Otis is a familiar sight around town and a pretty special dog in general.

According to the story, Otis has helped calm Segovia’s grandson following several hospital visits. And he can apparently go to Dairy Queen and get a hamburger and is allowed to lie down in front of the county courthouse as well as visit the local H.E.B.

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