Johnny Manziel reportedly picked up by Josh Gordon after hit-and-run incident

It turns out that Saturday night was quite the eventful evening for Johnny Manziel. First, he made news by telling TMZ Sports — outside of a West Hollywood club, of course — that he would love to play for the Broncos, and that he was “living out here with my guy Von Miller.”

Manziel apparently is not living with Miller, the star Denver linebacker and his former teammate at Texas A&M. However, Manziel is living with another former teammate, suspended Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon. Unless that isn’t true, either, as there have been conflicting reports.

Now comes word that Manziel was involved in a hit-and-run incident on that Saturday night, sometime after he gave that TMZ interview, and that he was subsequently picked up by Gordon. A Los Angeles Police spokesperson confirmed to USA Today that the free agent quarterback was a passenger in a car driven by his friend Ryan Silverstein that struck a lightpole on Sunset Boulevard; there were no reported injuries or other vehicles involved.

TMZ Sports, not surprisingly, offered more details. According to the website, which must be delighted that Manziel has essentially decided to play on its home field, he and Silverstein fled the scene of the crash, then were picked up by Gordon. The pair reportedly returned to the area, where witnesses were able to pick out Silverstein because of his distinctive bushy beard.

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Police are still investigating the incident, and Manziel is not thought to be in danger if getting charged with anything. However, the incident can’t help his stated desire to return to the NFL, and the same can be said for the indefinitely suspended Gordon, who just saw his application for reinstatement get shot down.