Lists: It’s Book of Lists time

2015 Book of Lists

It’s that time of the year again when we are preparing for our new Book of Lists. Links to nearly all the lists we have published throughout are available on our website. If your firm missed a weekly list, now is your chance to get on for the Book of Lists.

A representative from each firm must fill out our 2017 survey to be on our list. The link below contains the survey. A link to the list may also be found on the Fort Worth Business website under the “Lists” and “Submit Information” tab. Filling out the survey is essential to putting your company in the Book of Lists. Those who already filled out a survey during 2017, do not need to resubmit. However, you are welcome to update information by filling out a new survey. We request that if you do not need to update any information that you not fill out another survey because multiple submissions make it more challenging on our end. For questions, contact Marice Richter

Deadline: Dec. 13, 2017

We appreciate your participation.